Why You Should Repair Your Cracked Windscreen


A clear, strong and intact windscreen is key to safe and comfortable driving. If you have a cracked windscreen, do not hesitate to have it repaired or replaced. This is even more so as a crack can only grow larger, further compromising on visibility and strength.

Windscreen Repair vs Replacement

In the past, a cracked windscreen could only be replaced entirely. With modern techniques however, a cracked windscreen can increasingly become repaired, saving you on time and cost.

However, severe cracks (depending on size, depth, and location) may still require a complete replacement.

A windscreen crack repair specialist can assess the damage and recommend the best solution for you.


Benefits of Windscreen Crack Repair

Ignoring a cracked windscreen can have detrimental effects. Here is why you should engage a windscreen crack repair service as soon as possible:

Protects the integrity of your vehicle

Reduces the risk and intensity of glass shattering upon impact

Allows for proper deployment of airbags

Improves visibility on the road

Protects you and your family, and the car interior from harmful elements

Saves time and money (where a repair will suffice)


Common Causes of Windscreen Damage

Here are some common types of damage we see:

Road debris hitting the windscreen

Windy or stormy weather

Collisions and accidents

Poor installation

Poor glass quality


8 Cushion’s Quality Windscreen Services

Customers who are concerned about the costs and hassles of repairing or replacing their car windscreens need not worry anymore. 8 Cushion guarantees that all repaired or replaced windscreens are leak-proof and rust-proof.

Our services include:

Car Windscreen Replacement Service

Car Sun Roof Glass Replacement Service

Car Glass Window Replacement Service

Car Windscreen Water Leak Test & Troubleshooting

Car Windscreen Scratch Repair Services

Car Windscreen Crack Repair Services

Better yet, all repaired windscreens come with lifetime warranties!

At 8 Cushion, we also assist customers to make claims from insurance companies and work swiftly for your ultimate convenience.

Car Water Leak Check & Remedy Services available here.

Replica (approved) glass may be your next available option. It’s cheaper and offers unsurpassed quality.

Windscreen Replacement Safety Data


Meets U.S. Safety standards

FMVSS212 Windscreen Retention Test

FMVSS208 Occupant Crash Protection test

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