Car Roof Lining Repair


Car roof linings are damaged by the weather and humidity in Asia and not to mention, Singapore.

The foam in between the lining and roof board has disintegrated causing it to sag and sometimes, fall off the roof.

Fortunately, this problem can be rectified by putting a new roof lining within a day.

At 8 Cushion, all roof lining materials are imported from Germany which are constantly replenished on demand. Thus customers’ cars are always fitted with new and fresh materials which will last in many years to come.

Car Roof Lining Replacement Service

Car Sun Roof Lining Replacement Service

Car Retractable Moon Roof Roller Blind Replacement Service

Car Roof Water Leak Test & Troubleshooting

Car Sunvisor & Pillar Linings Replacement Service

All car roof linings done at 8 Cushion come with 3-year warranty.

Car roof linings of 8 Cushion last 8 years on the average.
*Based on existing customers survey

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