Inside the Car was her Favourite Place

Car Leather & Interior was her Favourite Place

The little girl always loved going out, sitting in her father’s car as he drove them to their destination, off for a journey out of their home, some land far, far away. Although she would agree that going to the malls or the park was fun, she secretly knew that inside her father’s car was her favourite place to be.

Always, she would swing her legs and giggle as she anticipated their destination, and like every other time, she leaned against the arm of her seat to gaze out of the crystal-clear window at the view of the city rushing by, thrilling her young heart as her eyes sparkled. The air freshener made the air in the car crisp and fresh, and she savoured it as she held on to the side handle.

The car pulled into a carpark, and reversed into an empty parking space. The little girl practically bounced out of the car, ready to start her adventure.


she secretly knew that inside her father’s car was her favourite place to be


Later that evening, leaving the site of her dreams proved to be hard. She screamed and cried, not wanting to leave. Father shook his head sternly, and carried her to the car. He placed her down on the cushioned seat, where she relaxed when she realised they were in the car, forgetting her crying bout immediately.

She was exhausted, and simply leaning against her leather seat felt a great deal better than any bed. She knew her father constantly made sure that the leather seats of his car were well taken care of, and always brought them for repairing if it had been even slightly damaged. In conclusion, the car was properly maintained, and she was elated.

The air conditioning was cool and made her drowsy. She glanced out of the window as her eyelids drooped, the purr of the engine lulling her to sleep, comfortably as the car rocked her.

She knew that she loved being in the car more than anywhere else.


Written by Tay Raine R.E., 15
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