Our Clients

Some of our many notable clients and their car brands we are working with:

Trans Eurokars Pte Ltd

Mazda, Mclaren, MG, Mini Cooper, Porsche and Rolls Royce.

8 Cushion : Mazda
8 Cushion : Mclaren
8 Cushion : MG
8 Cushion : Mini Cooper
8 Cushion : Porsche
8 Cushion : Rolls Royce

Ital Auto Pte Ltd


8 Cushion : Ferrari

Tridente Automobili Pte Ltd


8 Cushion : Maserati

Volkswagen Group Singapore Pte Ltd


Volkswagen Group Singapore Pte Ltd

EuroAutomobile Service Centre

Alfa Romeo.

8 Cushion : Alfa Romeo

ST Engineering

8 Cushion : ST Engineering

SMRT Corporation Ltd

8 Cushion : SMRT Corporation Ltd