Car Interior Restoration Works

Sometimes, to save cost is to repair the original parts. It helps with the environment too!


At 8 Cushion®, we are dedicated to meaningful endeavors driven by the demand for progress. That includes taking steps forward in going green by engaging with repair as a possibility for restoration.

Through innovative and discipline, we diligently cater to the diverse requirements of our customers.

This pursuit calls for a collective of adept and experience, as every task bestowed is unique.

In today’s dynamic, swift-paced and technology-driven car repair market, we poised to maintain as a leading car interior service provider.

Reseal of De-laminating Rear Glass Window (Car Soft Top)
Rear glass window of a car soft top de-laminates from the canvas over a period of time due to the heat of local weather. The original seal from the factory gets disintegrated causing the glass to fall off its place. Fortunately the glass window can be re-attached to the canvas instead of changing the soft top. This saves customer’s time and money!

Car Soft Top Canvas Tear Repair

A car soft top can be torn in various ways. Whether it is torn by regular usage, a knife cut, or a cigarette burn, it can be patched to prevent further tearing and water leak!

Seat Leather Repair

A torn leather on one of the seat covers can either be partially repaired or replaced with a new piece of leather similar, if not the same. This saves time and money. Best of all, most part of the original seat leather remain intact!

Cracked Car Dashboard Re-wrap Service

A cracked car dashboard can be re-wrapped with a fresh new vinyl, leather or Alcantara®. Oh, a change in material and texture works too – just for the fun!
Car Door Panel Repair
Car doors are one of the most critical part of the vehicle and heavily used. For this reason, the upholstery can get damaged over a period of time. Fortunately, most part of it can be repaired instead of changing it. Call us now to find out more!
Car Windscreen Scratch or Crack Repair
Any crack no more than an inch in diameter can be repaired. The visibility of crack is reduced by at least 85% and it comes with a life-time warranty. Fine scratch lines and stains can be removed too!

Car Window Regulator Repair

Clicking sound when winding up and down the glass window? Having a stuck glass window? A broken glass? No worries as all these can be fixed without a hitch! Just make an appointment with us to get it sorted out!

Car Water Leak Test & Troubleshooting Service

Water in the car cabin can cause serious problems to the car. Rust, bacteria, corrosion, smell, and even harm to the electronic components can take place if the problem is not treated early. Most of the damage from such are irreversible. Fix an appointment with us as soon as you can for an assessment today!

Car Foul Smell Removal Service

Having foul smell in the car? Despite having tried countless methods of cleaning, washing and deodorizing but are of no use? Try our Plasma-cluster Ion Cleaning Technology. Odor elimination, not just odor-masking. This process removes germs, viruses and bacteria too!
Car Interior Deep Cleansing
For decades, we have been cleaning super car interiors for local car agents. Now we are offering this service to end consumers — deep cleansing, and family-safe leather care — at a small price tag!

Car Interior Noise Problem

Squeaky sound. Rattling noise. Wind howling. Neither the driver nor his occupants in the car likes any of those! Fortunately, most of these unwanted discordant can be solved. Drop us a line today and let us have it checked!

Car Headlamp "Yellowing" Repair

Although car headlamps are non-interior items, we have since attained the skills of restoring Lamborghini HID-burnt headlamps and other models over the years. Equipped with the correct skills and tools to clear out both cloudy or yellowish lenses, look no further! Call us today on how we can correct those ageing lenses!

Full Restoration From Ground Zero

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