The Green Initiatives

8 Cushion® has risen as a trailblazer in adopting innovative measures to curtail our environmental footprint. At the heart of our sustainability efforts lies a strong commitment to energy efficiency and the reduction of material wastage.

These advancements have led to a reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, part of our contributing fights against climate change.


Back-office (Digitized)

Since 6th of June 2023, 8 Cushion® has replaced all 80gsm, A4 sized paper, with that of 70gsm. We have also stopped issuing physical (printed) invoices by default, unless otherwise requested by the customers or whereby necessary.

Not only this ongoing advancement is cost efficient, undoubtly, it is also an environmentally mindful practice.

Facility Lightings

The transformation of fluorescent lighting to LED lighting technology at our facility has since begun in 2019. Today, our entire workplace is fully converted with such lighting including those that ran on halogen bulbs.

For that reason, not only the running cost for electricity is lowered by almost 35%, the ambience temperature at our facility has also dropped significantly as these lights require lower wattage to operate. Therefore, less heat is generated.

Repair Recommendation

8 Cushion® supports repair and maintenance as part of our carbon-reduction plan throughout our operations. First, we take in the order and examine those faulty parts. Second, we recommend the most appropriate application advice to our customers. These advice can include options for repair instead of replacement.

We discovered that it saves time and resources by refurbishing/re-conditioning the old parts. Furthermore, it can also save customers cost.

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