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Windscreens (Windshields) need to be repaired or replaced when there are cracks or scratches as these are hazardous and may endanger life of drivers and other road users.

8 Cushion : Windscreens

What We Offer?

Customers who are concerned about the costs and hassles of repairing or replacing their windscreens need not worry anymore. 8 Cushion guarantees that all works done on windscreens are water-leak-proof and rust-proof.

All repaired windscreens come with lifetime warranties.

At 8 Cushion, we assist customers to make claims from Insurance Companies and provide swift work, creating convenience for you.

Windscreen Replacement Service Sun Roof Glass Replacement Service Glass Window Replacement Service Windscreen Water Leak Test & Troubleshooting Windscreen Scratch Repair Services Windscreen Crack Repair Services.

Water Leak Test

Water Leak Check & Remedy Services available here.


Replica glass may be your next available option. It's cheaper and offers unsurpassed quality.

Convertible Tops

Owners of cars with convertible tops can now have a peace of mind as 8 Cushion ensures the finest installation and swift completion...

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Roof Linings

The foam in between the lining has disintegrated causing it to sag and sometimes, fall off the roof...

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With the work from our very experienced trimmers and installers, we promise you and your ride with unrivaled results...

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