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What We Do - Service Index.

Terrific! Now you know what we can provide some specific repair/replacement jobs for the car you loved most.

Car Door Panels

Includes repair/replacement parts of most models for Door Panels, Door Pullers, Door Top Trims, Door Pockets, Door Lining Trims and Door Noises.

Car Flooring

Includes repair/fabrication/replacement parts of most models for Flooring Carpets, Flooring Rubbers/Vinyls and Carpet Mats.

Car Seat Frames

Includes repair/troubleshoot/replacement parts of most models for Seat Position Adjusters, Seat Alignments, Seat Jams/Stuck, Seat Folding Mechanisms, Seat Springs, Seat Tensioners, Seat Rails, Seat Lambar Support, Seat Thigh Support and Retracts, Seat Frame Weldings, Seat Noises, Seat Airbags/ Seat Heating (Heater) Elements, Seat Seat Belt Sensors, Seat Seat Belt Tensioners, Seat Occupant Detection Sensors and Seat Headrest Head Restraints.

Car Seat Upholstery

Includes repair/fabrication/replacement parts of most models for Seat Covers in Leathers, Seat Covers in Vinyls (PVC), Seat Covers in Fabrics, Seat Covers in Alcantara, Seat Headrests, Seat Armrests, Seat Foams, Seat Headrest Foams and Seat Armrest Foams.

Roof and Mechanical

Includes repair/replacement parts of most models for Roof Linings to match Original, Sun Roof Panel Linings to match Original, Roller Blinds for Moon Roofs, Roller Blinds for Sun Roofs, Malfunctioned Roof Operation, Water Leak Issues, Choked Drainage, Worn Out Seals, Pillar Linings, Sunvisor linings and Noises.

Dashboards and Interior Trims

Includes repair/replacement parts of most models for Dashboards, Dashboard Mats, Dashboard Instrumental Hoods, Glove Compartments, Consoles, Steering Wheel Cover, Handbrake Lever Cover, Gearshift Knob Cover, Center Console Armrest, Center Console Trims, Rear Speaker Panels and Side Wall Carpets.

Convertible Top Frames and Mechanisms

Includes repair/replacement parts of most models for Hard Tops and Soft Tops, Jammed/Stuck/Malfunctioned Mechanisms, Frame Alignments, Locking Mechanisms, Hinges, Hydraulic Motor/Pump Units, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Hoses, Dampers, Tensioners and Cables, Bows and Arms, Rocker Arms, Relay, Electronic Control Module, Position Sensors, Faulty Folding Sequences/Operations, Weather Strips, Rubber Seals, Moldings and Gaskets.

Convertible Soft Tops and Headliners

Includes repair/alteration/replacement parts of most models for Soft Top Canvas in Everflex, Single Texture-Smooth, Single Texture-Cabrio, Single Texture-Sailcloth, Single Texture-Twill and Trilogy Acoustic for Vinyl Tops, Stayfast, Twillfast IV, Twillfast RPC, Sonnenland German Classic, Sonnenland German A5 and Sonnenland German A5 Acoustic for Soft Top Covers. For headliners, Brocade, Velour, Ultrasuede, Dane Cloth, German Stretch Bowdrill, German Rubberback Bowdrill, German Vinyl, Foamback Cloth, Reinforced Foamback, Stretchwool, Twill and Wool Broadcloth. Authorised panel for AXA and AVIVA.

Windscreen and Glass Windows

Includes repair/replacement parts of most models for Windscreen Stone Chips, Star Cracks, Bulleye Cracks, Combination Cracks, Wiper Scratches, Fine Scratches, De-laminating Rear Glass Window of a Soft Top, Foggy Glass, Window Regulators, Rain Sensors and Glass Coating.

Other Specialties

Includes checks/identification/rectifications of faults for Water Leaks, Hydraulic Oil Leaks, Noise in the Cabin and Smell.

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