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Reseal of De-laminating Rear Glass Window (Soft Top)

Rear glass window of a Soft Top de-laminates from the canvas over a period of time due to the heat of local weather. The original seal from the factory gets disintegrated causing the glass to fall off its place.

Fortunately the glass window can be re-attached to the canvas instead of changing the soft top. This saves customer's time and money.

Soft Top Canvas Tear Repair

A Soft Top can be torn in various ways. Whether it is torn by regular usage, a knife cut, or a cigarette burn, it can be patched to prevent further tearing and water leak.

Cracked Dashboard Re-wrap Service

A cracked dashboard can be re-wrapped with a fresh new vinyl, leather or Alcantara®.

Windscreen Scratch or Crack Repair

Any crack no more than an inch in diameter can be repaired. The visibility of crack is reduced by at least 85% and it comes with a life-time warranty.

Fine scratch lines can be polished off and stains may be removed. Glass should be polished due to the following reasons:

Scratch lines
Water/chemical stains
Blur vision due to industrial fallout
Blur vision when in rain
Wiper Judder

Water Leak Test & Troubleshooting Service

Water in the cabin can cause serious problems to the car. Rust, bacteria, corrosion, smell, and even harm to the electronic components can take place if the problem is not treated early. Most of the damage from such are irreversible.

Fix an appointment with us as soon as you can for an assessment today.

Foul Smell Removal Service

Having foul smell in your car that you have tried countless method of cleaning, washing and deodorizing but are of no use? Try our Plasmacluster Ion Cleaning Technology. Result is guaranteed or money back.


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